Youtube SEO 2023 is easier than ever with 6 useful tips

youtube seo

Your most recent YouTube video viewing experience was probably just a few hours or a day ago at most. Having a YouTube Channel is a given if you produce videos. Your company is losing out on a significant portion of its audience if your Youtube SEO and content strategy only focuses on Google. Second-largest search engine in the world, YouTube, has become more significant each year. 230 million people use the platform regularly today, and it handles 25% of all mobile traffic worldwide.

Users are increasingly turning to YouTube for entertainment, education, and keeping up with current events. But greater popularity also brings greater competition. Your brand can differentiate itself from rival channels and gain more views and engagement by using YouTube SEO. At its core, YouTube video SEO adheres to the same guidelines as SEO for Google: you must optimize for the ranking factors of the algorithm. Your company’s channel can draw in a larger audience on YouTube by comprehending these YouTube ranking factors and planning the best way to rank highly on YouTube search.

1. Be sure to optimize for the right keywords to appear in YouTube search

The foundation of SEO is keyword research, and YouTube SEO is no different. You can use keywords to gauge the level of interest in a particular subject, which will aid in developing a focused content strategy. Finding the ideal combination of keywords for your videos can be aided by a number of tools. You can conduct keyword research specifically for the YouTube search engine using a tool for SEO, such as Ahrefs or SEMrush. If you don’t want to use a keyword research tool for YouTube, you can also type in a topic in the YouTube search bar and take note of the suggested searches, which are terms that are frequently typed in.

Similar to Google SEO, you must sort your keywords based on popularity and difficulty. For instance, targeting keywords with a search volume of 40,000 might not work if your channel is new. Surprisingly, however, the majority of newbies take this approach rather than looking at long-tail keywords and low-competition keywords. You’ll be astounded at how much traffic you’ll get by being the top-ranked site for these keywords. For the best combination of keywords to target for video optimization, strike a balance between high search volume and low difficulty keywords.

2. Find the right places to use keywords on your YouTube video page.

You must know where to use your shortlisted set of target keywords for video optimization once you have them. Keywords can be added to the Video title on YouTube. describes a video. Tags. Consider the video description to be a blog post. The primary keyword must appear in the video title. Your title should be optimized, but it also needs to be distinctive and compelling enough to draw a viewer in. As a result, your YouTube ranking will rise as well as your click-through rate. See how the search term matches the titles of the videos in the result by looking at the image below.

Youtube seo
Users usually search phrases in Youtube tittles shown down

Make sure to write and optimize the video description effectively because it can contain up to 5000 characters. The main keyword should appear 2-3 times in the description, and the supporting keywords should appear 1-2 times as well. The first 125 characters of your description will be shown below your video, so place the most crucial information there. Another excellent method for optimizing your video is to use tags.

There is no limit on how many tags you can add, but they must all total no more than 400 characters. You can use tags that your competitors are using in addition to using keywords as tags. You can add suggestions for competitor tags to your own video using SEO tools for YouTube videos like vidIQ.

3. Increase the duration of the videos’ views.

It is better if viewers watch your videos for a longer period of time because YouTube will prioritize these videos in search results and suggested videos. SEO for YouTube videos also places a strong emphasis on content. Users will leave after the first few seconds and watch a competitor’s video if your script is not interesting and informative. Fortunately, studies have shown that excellent content need not equate to high-caliber production value. If you are producing high-quality content, viewers will ignore the fact that you are using a mobile device to record your videos.

Since one study revealed that viewers can become disinterested in a video in as little as 10 seconds, this is important to remember. This means that the first 10 to 15 seconds of your video must be genuinely captivating. Take your time to nail the beginning. Including the advantages from the start is one way to accomplish this.

4. Try out longer video lengths.

YouTube favors lengthy videos (more than 12 minutes in length), much like Google tends to favor long-form blog posts. This is due in part to the idea that longer videos are more educational, and YouTube wants to only recommend high-quality videos to its users. Long videos can also lengthen the average amount of time viewers spend watching your channel. The total number of minutes that your videos have been viewed is known as watch time. Viewers will naturally spend more time watching longer videos.

Long videos can therefore enable you to watch more of them while posting fewer videos. This isn’t a strict rule, though. The subject matter and demographics of your target audience will determine the ideal video length. The best approach for creating content for YouTube is to try out a few different video lengths before settling on one that seems to generate the most views and engagement.

5. Create unique thumbnails is much important in Youtube SEO

The title, of course, plays an important role in how you stand out from all the videos ranking for a focus keyword, but your thumbnail plays an even larger role. Since we are visual beings, the visual components on a page are what first catch our attention. Most of us look at the thumbnail of a video before even reading the title. Because of this, you must create a custom thumbnail and cannot merely rely on a pre-set screen grab. The thumbnail should include a condensed version of your title or a key topic covered in the video.

Although users should be able to infer from the thumbnail alone what the video is about, this does not imply that you should have a text-heavy thumbnail. Along with the text, the accompanying visuals ought to be specially created for your target market. If your videos are aimed at young viewers, for instance, you might want to use vibrant colors, and if they’re for professionals, you might want to use a more somber color scheme.

youtube seo
Thumbnails, images and Captions are important in Youtube

6. Don’t forget to amplify your videos for Youtube SEO

Social cues are significant for YouTube SEO. Off-page factors like backlinks are taken into account in addition to on-page factors like the quantity of likes, comments, and subscribers to your videos, which undoubtedly aid in your video’s YouTube ranking. Promote on your blog and social media accounts: If you already have a website or blog, you should link all of your videos to the appropriate pages.

This boosts the overall time spent on your website and the rankings for all of your pages, in addition to helping your videos rank higher. In order to increase awareness and obtain backlinks, you should also promote your videos on your social media accounts. Promote on message boards: There are a ton of forums online where you can advertise your videos.

Try the following advice if you have no idea where to look. Use the phrase “your video topic” forums in your Google search to find the answer. For your subject or industry, you will receive all relevant forums. This is a good strategy to use if you’re just starting out with your YouTube channel and want to attract your first viewers. You can establish a solid presence on YouTube with the aid of an effective SEO and content strategy.

Having an engaged audience of devoted viewers can help your business stand out as industry thought leaders. YouTube video optimization will become more than just an addition to your current SEO strategy in 2022; it will play a crucial role. Contact the digital marketing team at BestSEOBot if you need assistance with optimizing your videos.

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