How to Boost your SME’S Profits by 4 GOOGLE ADs Tips

google ads

Even though they are competent in other aspects of digital marketing, many SMEs are frightened of Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). Many SME owners shun Google Ads as if it were an online casino. Because the pay per click (PPC) advertising platform has a scary reputation for being pricey and unpredictable—as likely to lose you money as to make it—

This anxiety is unfounded because Google Ads have several security features that allow customers complete control over their spending and support them in calculating their return on investment.

However, it’s easy to receive mediocre or underwhelming results using Google Ads. In this post, we’ll go over four strategies you can use to get the most out of your Google Ads investment.

Raise Quality Score by Google Ads

Since Google values high-quality content, each keyword in your Google Ads account has an internal Quality Score that ranks it from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) depending on the “quality” of the advertisement itself and the landing pages connected to it.

Focusing on enhancing the quality of your content and user experience will go a long way toward cutting the cost of your Google Ads campaigns and raising your chances of conversions because keywords with high quality scores benefit from a lower cost per click (CPC).

“Quality” here relates to relevancy to your target audience. Making sure that your landing pages are closely connected to your campaign keywords is thus the first thing you should do. You should also ensure that the content on each page is properly written, has a clear and unambiguous CTA, and is helpful to your prospects.

google ads

Monitor Conversion Rate

It is challenging to optimize a PPC campaign without keeping track of the relative effectiveness of your advertising and landing pages. To solve this, you must monitor your conversions. A conversion occurs when someone views your landing page after clicking on one of your ads and takes one of your call-to-actions (CTAs), such making a purchase or completing an inquiry form.

You may keep tabs on Google Ads advertisements by setting up a tracking URL for Google Analytics. To start tracking conversions from different campaigns, platforms, sources, landing pages, and promotional codes, fill out a Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder online form. Using a tracking URL, you may pinpoint specific campaign objectives, after which you can improve your content to boost conversion rates.

Use Re-Marketing

Re-marketing is the practice of sending targeted advertising to website visitors (or a specific landing page in the past). These advertisements are a smart method to make the most of your Google Ads budget because most visitors to landing pages won’t convert or even contact you on their first visit. If they come upon a re-marketing banner that entices them to return to the page, they could decide to make a purchase. Re-marketing is a wonderful strategy to maintain the engagement in your PPC ads and improve your Quality Score for significant keywords.

Set up Google Ads Campaign

Not all Google Ads campaigns work toward the same objective. For instance, some campaigns may be used to promote a brand, others to promote the purchase of certain products and services, and yet others may be hybrid campaigns that mix branding and sales strategies. Each sort of campaign has a different set of success requirements. Similar to this, certain campaigns may target specific buyer personas or prospects at specific stages of the buying process.

All of this implies that various campaign types will have various performance standards and anticipated response rates. Setting reasonable expectations for performance and expenditure, as well as maximizing advertising expenses, may be challenging without adequate structure.

We advise you to set up your ad groups and campaigns to correspond with target audiences that share your search preferences and interests. For improved accuracy and better control over your budget, you should also specify a particular objective or emphasis for each campaign (such as sales enquiries, purchases, e-book downloads, etc.).

A powerful lead creation tool, Google Ads may provide quality, profitable sales leads very rapidly. It is typically utilized to fill the void while you wait for slower-burning tactics like email marketing and organic SEO to start showing results. We are highly recomend to you a updated book, which can help you impove the way to understand Google Ads and how to achive it.

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