Do Things on Linkedin if You Want to Waste Time and Money


As a business owner, you want to make sure you’re making the most of LinkedIn and avoiding mistakes that can cost you time and money. LinkedIn is a powerful and successful digital platform that can be used to connect with others and drive traffic to your website.

A typical mistake is to write only on your profile, without using all the possibilities of your company page. Let’s take a look at why posting to two profiles is so important and how to do it effectively.

Do not post to two profiles

While posting on your profile may seem like an easy way to spread the word about your material, it can backfire in the long run. If you only post on your profile, you miss out on all the potential contacts and consumers who are looking for your business page or have already followed your page but haven’t seen anything new.

While this may be hard for some business owners to hear, many LinkedIn users may not recognize the owner’s name! If business owners only post on their profiles, they risk missing out on important leads that could become customers.

Does not engage other people on Linkedin

Another common mistake business owners make is to ignore comments, messages, or other interactions on their business page and instead respond to followers and prospects through their profile. In fact, when someone contacts you or your company on LinkedIn, regardless of the channel, it’s important to respond authentically right away—it shows that you care about what the prospect has to say and are committed to helping them. Also, don’t forget to like or comment on other people’s posts on your personal and business pages – this will help you develop multi-layered relationships and encourage community engagement with your followers and customers.


Efficient use of two profiles

The ideal way to use both personal and business content is to keep posting and sharing content on both channels. People who follow your business page, as well as people who follow your profile, will see the content you post this way.

This does not mean that the two profiles must completely overlap. You may want to post content on your business page that is inappropriate or unnecessary to post on your profile, or vice versa. However, you can successfully use both accounts by posting an article about an upcoming event or program and linking to your business page or website for more information. This helps readers who don’t follow both accounts learn about your business without having to search for it separately – the combined material can enhance your profile and business page.

Another effective approach is to republish material from other sources on each site, interleaving as much as possible. It helps develop partnerships between different companies and organizations, while increasing the impact of all parties involved in the process.

To sell or not to sell Linkedin

Many business owners make the mistake of putting everything else (thought leadership, updates, training information, etc.) on their personal LinkedIn profile and instead use their LinkedIn business page for sales and promotion. This is a big mistake. Because even though LinkedIn is a social networking site, it is not where you want to sell. The main purpose of your personal or business page is to develop relationships. Business owners should use their business page to connect with other businesses and decision makers. Don’t focus on selling goods or services immediately.

This will help them build trust and loyalty among potential consumers, both personally and professionally. They also need to remember that people are there to network. So don’t try to sell too much or be too aggressive online. People use Linkedin to generate sales. But they are usually generated through the company website rather than the social platform itself.

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